A town steeped in history

As a town of art and history, Cahors has a particularly rich past. Whether it be the Roman era, the dark days of the Middle Ages, the influence of the Renaissance or our contemporary times, you will find many traces of these periods that have left their mark on history.

From Roman remains to medieval half-timbered houses with sublime half-timbered windows, and historic monuments listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites, you can learn more about the rich past of the city of Cadurcia.

It's hard to talk about beautiful Cahors without mentioning its famous Valentré bridge, with its three defensive towers dating back to the 14th century. This majestic edifice will take you on a fabulous journey through time. Take the time to admire it, listen to it and feel it. The atmosphere is such that you'll succumb to its overwhelming charm. It's also up to you to find the little hidden sculture!

The town of Cahors has a close relationship with its natural surroundings. Nestling in one of the meanders of the River Lot, the town stands out for its perfect symbiosis between the urban and rural worlds. The town of Cahors conceals a secret: 20 gardens dating back to medieval times are scattered around! Follow in the footsteps of these secret gardens to learn more about the city of Cahors.

From Mont Saint-Cyr, you can admire the beauty of the historic centre and its cathedral. We recommend that you go there at the end of the day, when the sunset offers a magnificent spectacle.


  • Saint cirq Lapopie
  • Pech Merles caves
  • Marchillac sur Célé
  • Puy l'évêque