Jewel of the Dordogne Valley

On a rocky terrace overlooking the river, Carennac stretches along the banks of the River Espérance. The site has been occupied since the Gallo-Roman period, but it was the Cluny abbey that made it famous by founding a priory here in 1047. The village is listed as one of the Most Beautiful Villages in France. 

The houses have preserved their carved windows, the Romanesque church its 12th century tympanum, the Château des Doyens the historical and artistic memory of the place and the 11th century Cluny priory has forgotten nothing of the time when it was home to Fénelon.


  • The village of Loubressac
  • The village of Autoire
  • The town of Floirac
  • Source Salmière
  • The ruins of Taillefer