A little hike lost in the heart of the Causse du Quercy Regional Nature Park!

This 5.5km route takes in some of the most fascinating features of the Braunhie in a single walk: low dry-stone walls, Saint-Namphaise lakes, lapiès, etc.

Legend has it that around 1200 years ago, a knight in Charlemagne's army named Namphaise chose to end his life in Quercy. This great builder of churches and monasteries decided to settle as a hermit in the Braunhie (pronounced braugne), in a small cave not far from Caniac-du-Causse. Observing that the shepherds were running out of water, he decided to dig small, shallow basins filled by rainwater run-off: the Saint-Namphaise lakes.

We also recommend the 6.3km Circuit de Panagrèze, which is very close by.

The Espaces Naturels Sensibles (ENS) are remarkable but fragile ecological reservoirs that benefit from a management and enhancement programme run by the Lot department, in partnership with local authorities and other stakeholders.

These routes and many others are available from reception and also on the Sunêlia app.