Visit Rocamadour 

Discover Rocamadour during your stay at camping Le Séquoia 

A major center of Christianity since the Middle Ages due to its famous pilgrimage, a major stop on the way to Santiago de Compostela, a ¨Grand Site d'Occitanie¨ and a UNESCO World Heritage site, the religious city of Rocamadour is a must-see in the Dordogne Valley.

Don't miss out during your visit

You have climbed the Great Staircase and its 216 steps. You have passed through the doors of the Basilica and the 7 chapels, including the Miraculous Chapel where the Black Virgin is located. You have found Roland's sword in the rock. But your eyes and soles still thirst for adventure! No problem, the journey is just beginning! With fabulous stunning shows, Rocamadour is one of those places that can literally put stars in your eyes. Admire the fantastic animals and then rise in a hot air balloon after a hike to the depths of the Alzou canyon and to the center of the Earth in the boats of Padirac, it is possible in Rocamadour!